A narrative that has resonated within me to explore, express and create work for a number of years is that of how popular media controls us. There was radio, TV, billboards, magazines and now the internet- and practically every citizen is conveniently plugged into a tiny portable device of control. Having come of age on the 1990’s and part of generation X- I’ve always had an interesting relationship with authority, societies agendas for ‘productivitiy’ and the aims of the Western ‘system’ to govern our time as part of society.

A capitalist agenda that most of society are not even aware of. The finer details of this production were developed through my own observations- life experiences and career choices. So what do I see as control? My thoughts are that control is optimized when we are fearful, tired, and full of self doubt/ hate. After just 10 years since the first iPhone was launched social media in particular has literally brought society to its knees to a point of anxiety with regards to mental health issues, suicide and the isolation through fear, control, segregation, and consumption.

The results of de-valuing human connection to materialism, in my opinion moves society from the act of living, exploring and loving to that of a cycle of consumption. We are not free. We are led to believe that we are free if we buy the latest. Advertising shows freedom if you consume. Freedom is now a buzz word used by marketing companies and rooms full of number crunching investors to trick the ever growing army of digital slaves. The algorithms of our online life are the new currency as we move into the true digital age where life is depicted 24/7 as an entertainment stream- where all of our LIKES stand tall. Where cartoon smiley faces validate daily directions and decisions. Each click feeds the alogarithms of a system watching, learning, manipulating.