Faces of TEDX (2014). Series of images initiated as part of the media crew for TEDX Auckland. I wanted to capture speakers randomly- create an uncomfortable environment- to explore the results of a time driven shoot of 30 seconds.

My approach and methodology was to set up a simple solo speed light back stage in a small room- against a white wall. I wanted to be able to talk with my subjects freely, allowing open poses and natural dialogue. By employing continuous tracking mode within camera, I was able to capture the ‘in between moments’. My camera (5D MkIII) was set at a mid aperture and ISO used for adjustments to keep a consistent exposure. Focal length of 35mm was chosen to play on physical features and add intimacy.

The resulting portraits offered a sense of reality and that moment where people express an insight into their soul. On a personal level, this was a challenge given the time constraints and intensity of exchange to provoke an emotional connection.