Calm (2015). Series of images that explore central Auckland in states of emptiness and calm. I wanted to provoke a feeling of calm and appreciation of our urban environments, that is mostly lost against the busy chaos of our city lives.

The project spanned six months and required much location scouting at early or later times of day. Multiple visits to each location, once scouted, was often required to capture the images. Locations were chosen based on them being traditionally spaces where people congregate or frequently use. The result is a sense of movement and noise which is vacant from the images captured. Subconsciously instilling a sense of calm – and an appreciation of the environment.

A compact camera was used for portability, with high aperture to ensure location was captured in full focus. 35mm focal length was chosen to add scale and a feeling of space.Post editing followed a consistent approach with mild desaturation, tone curve adjustments and additional ‘noise’ to mimic a film like aesthetic which in turn makes the collection calming and somewhat timeless.