Hey I’m Paul Petch an Auckland & Christchurch based photographer who loves challenging the status quo of life, & worked independently as a graphic artist & photographer for close to twenty years now.

This site represents more of my personal work & story shared through my blog, portfolios, intermittent podcast & teaching adventures.

I’m originally from the South East of England & moved to Australia in 2000- & then onto New Zealand in 2007. Since then I’ve lived & travelled mostly between both islands for the past decade.

Along the way i’ve founded projects such as the Fujifilm Collective, Paul Petch & Co. tuition, & brand Good People Run.

I’m a husband & father obsessed with retro camera, hifi, & the 1990’s. I’m currently studying my second bachelor degree in Fine Arts (first was Biochemistry Hons) while paying bills through my commercial photography.

I use Canon cameras & glass – plus a fair amount of mixed film mediums for both commercial and personal work.

I’d love to hear from you. Visit www.paulpetch.co.nz for my more commercial business focussed work.

Call +64 210 336 047 / Email me here.