I’m an Auckland & Christchurch based photographer (mostly), writer, graphic artist, & occasional tutor who loves challenging the status quo while working freelance- for close to twenty years now.

Also a husband & Father & who is obsessed with the 1990’s currently studying a bachelor of Fine Arts while paying bills through my commercial photography.

Along the way i’ve operated graphic design studios, mixed freelance creative ventures, projects such as the Fujifilm Collective, Paul Petch & Co. tuition, and a brand Good People Run.

This site ultimately represents my creative history to date- with a bias towards photography. My story is shared through my blog, portfolios, intermittent podcast & teaching adventures.

Visit www.paulpetch.co.nz for my more commercial business focussed work.

I’m originally from the South East of England & moved to Australia in 2000- & then onto New Zealand in 2007. Since then I’ve lived & travelled mostly between Christchurch & Auckland for the past decade offering my photographic & educational services.

I use Canon cameras & glass for commercial ventures. I carry the amazing Fujifilm X100Tn with me everywhere. I shoot lots of 35mm, instant and medium format film too. I’m obsessed.

I’d love to hear from you. Call +64 210 336 047 / Email me here. Check my Tumblr here.