I’m Paul Petch & one of New Zealand’s established image makers known for beautifully shot landscapes & people photography, candid & emotional portraiture, with story telling. I can help you do the same.




My one on one photography tuition focusses on exploring the technical aspects as well as the art of photography through visual storytelling & narrative. The goal will be to learn how to let go of the hero image mindset, embrace instinct & recognise the creative elements that can serve to frame a personal essay — all through discussions, reviews, exercises & lots of shooting time.

I want you to support & help you look at the world differently. I want to help you find your creative voice. I want to be there to support you grow in any way that I can. I’m happy to pass all of my knowledge on from the highs & lows of my world as a working photographer.


The truth is that the rhythm of an image is brought to life through the editing, the flow & impact of images in a sequence, & a unique style. I offer tuition that investigates using Adobe Lightroom from organising assets to creating a unique style.


The lure of social media & a sense of obligation to create for likes & shares & reach deeper into the echo chamber it creates has been the biggest killer of creative freedom today. Social media is lazy & stops us from being honest- not only with ourselves but also our creativity. Let’s look beyond this & create to print more, exhibit, & ultimately explore working as a photographer. I can help guide you through the journey from photograph to tangible print.


I’ve become fascinated with the idea of creating a visual narrative that stretches across more than a single frame. A story that from a series of images pushes our skills & emotions to the edge. This has become somewhat of an obsession that has, in turn, affected the way I approach every aspect of my work & ultimately how I approach each shoot. I want to share this with you.


Put simply I like to keep things simple. I’m not talking about the lack of content or substance, rather you turn up & start to learn. For example, you want to shoot in a studio environment. Simply turn up & i’ll have it all ready with subjects to go. We can then focus on the stuff you paid to experience & leave with skills, photos & inspiration.


Some history. I’ve been a working commercial, people and adventure photographer for more than a decade. I’ve been teaching photography since 2006 & after operating Auckland central’s most successful workshop based tuition business called Paul Petch & Co. I felt that the sharing of my own vision beyond settings was getting lost along the way. I set out to teach one on one in 2016 & love the connection between students & the more personalised learning experience.

Along the way I’ve contributed to leading magazines sharing my take on photography to include D-Photo mag, The Define School & other editorial centric publications. I’ve also exhibited my work with more planned into 2018.

Printing is such a good thing.


Anyone interested in moving beyond the purely technical aspects of photography will love my approach to learning. It’s easy to get lost in the automation of our craft, in the details, the variables & the gear; we’re all geeks at heart — it’s part of the experience- but once exposure is mastered we will move to more creative endeavours.

Ultimately, total beginners though to experienced photographers will benefit being taught by myself and more than a decade of experience. My style is not for everyone, so please let that be your first guide. Do you like my work? Do you want to understand how I think, plan and execute my images? If YES- then let’s do it.


My tuition services are private Auckland & Christchurch based – & either hourly, half or full day. The content we learn is customised according to your particular interests & needs but the general idea is to strike a long conversation & immerse ourselves in photography — not just as an activity but as an idea, working towards creating a narrative.

All learning must be paid in full at least 7 days in advance. Online payment via direct banking or Paypal is preferred via invoice. I’m also available on-location NZ or world wide (at additional cost for travel & expenses). All of my services are governed by my standard terms & conditions.

I invite you to email or call me to discuss bookings. Let’s do this.


All of my support includes;

– Shooting, review, practical exercises & discussions around the direction & styles you wish to explore
– A PDF designed & developed by me that covers approach to creative photography
– A PDF of on going exercises to keep creative developed by my experiences

Hourly (Min of 2 hours) $125 + GST
Full day $1299 + GST
Half day $549 + GST

Please review the following basic terms and conditions that govern my professional photography tuition services. Confirmation of booking my services constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by these following terms and conditions.

“Love what you do and do what you love.” – Ray Bradbury.